# Customization

Upsell Widget supports the following feature flags:

  • enable_currency_symbol [bool] - Use currency symbol instead of currency code (e.g. $ / USD).
  • enable_free_shipping_indicator_category_name_message [bool] - Toggle the way upsell indication is displayed - based on category name or according to delivery type and carrier name. (e.g. "Add 49 SEK to get free pickup delivery with CARRIER"/"Add 49 SEK to get free CATEGORY_NAME").
  • enable_free_shipping_indicator [bool] - Set the upsell mode to Free Shipping Indication. In Free Shipping Indication mode the widget will notify the customer when their cart value reduces the shipping price to 0. If set to false, the widget will show the next possible free delivery option if available.
  • show_carrier_logos [bool] - Set the visibility of carrier logos.
  • bar_visibility [bool] - Set the visibility of the progress bar.
  • bar_color [#hex] - Set the main color of progress bar (free shipping not reached).
  • bar_color_success [#hex] - Set the final color of progress bar (free shipping reached).
  • font_family [string] - Set font. Specify together with custom_font_url to use nonstandard font.
  • custom_font_url [string] - Set the font url. Specify together with font_family flag.
  • font_size [int] - Set the font size (in pixels).

You can customize the widget by changing feature flags in Ingrid Merchant Platform inside Upsell Widget section.

Last Updated: 11/23/2021, 9:15:27 AM