Important notice

This feature is currently in beta version. Integrate with this API only if recommended by Ingrid Support Team. 🚧

Reach out to Ingrid Support Team here to learn more about this feature.

Migrating from previous version of Delivery Checkout API.

If you have already integrated with our old Delivery Checkout (known as SIW API as well), the new API can work as a drop-in replacement to a certain extent. Shipping selector embedded on your checkout page and all frontend-related integration parts remain the same.

Integration with Delivery Checkout API requires minor changes for handling the response bodies structure. The response payload resembles the payload from SIW API. Some new fields were introduced though and naming of top-level result field was changed to delivery_groups.

Benefits of migration

You should migrate to new Delivery Checkout API in order to benefit from new features, such as address form, split shipments handling or marketplaces handling.

Migration checklist

The following checklist serves the purpose of easing the process of migration to our new Delivery Checkout API.

Handling the preselection

Ingrid checkout solution by default provides one pre-defined selected delivery option for the end consumer. This initially selected shipping option is called the preselected shipping option. It can be later confirmed or changed by the end consumer.

In new Delivery Checkout API, shipping options with delivery types other than pickup and in-store are preferred for preselection when the address provided in session is not related to a geographical location (by geographical coordinates). We assume that in order for an address to have a geographical location, it has to have at least a postal code entered. If there are no other shipping options (apart from the pickup or in-store ones), we would fallback to preselecting pickup or in-store one, because of a lack of other choices.

This feature is opt-in in the old API, but the new Delivery Checkout API has it enabled by default.

Last updated: Thu, Jun 30, 06:15 AM