Important notice

This feature is currently in beta version. Integrate with this API only if recommended by Ingrid Support Team. 🚧

Reach out to Ingrid Support Team here to learn more about this feature.


Delivery Checkout provides almost unlimited flexibility in selecting shipping options while securing that the process is as convenient and as fast as it physically can. ⚡

Delivery Checkout API is used alongside the shipping options selector widget that can be embedded in the checkout page.

Ingrid shipping options selector widget mockup

Who can use this feature?

If you are wondering whether this API is suited to your use case, we have wonderful news for you! Ingrid Delivery Checkout API is highly customizable and handles:

If you are using previous version of Delivery Checkout API, migrating to the new version of the API will make it possible for you to use our newest features. Moreover, you can switch between the split shipment and single cart depending on your current needs without breaking the integration.

Sounds great, where to next?

Last updated: Thu, Jun 30, 06:15 AM