Ingrid Delivery Tracking offers smooth and consistent process of monitoring order delivery and communicating it to the end Customer with harmonised and proactive approach. It covers all stages of the delivery process: from the moment the Checkout session is completed, through the time it is being prepared for shipping in a warehouse, booked in TA system, transported by carrier until it is successfully received by the Customer or even when it is being returned.

Ingrid Delivery Tracking Widget

Embeddable widget for displaying tracking information to end customer. It could be displayed in various modes:

Tracking details and history are presented in a clear and consistent manner. Preview for all deliveries is standardized into harmonised progress.

Ingrid Delivery Tracking Widget mockup

Ingrid Delivery Tracking Page

Ingrid offers also an alternative solution for displaying tracking information to the Customers. Instead of a Tracking Widget embedded on the Merchant’s site, tracking details are displayed on a Tracking Page on Ingrid Tracking Portal.

Ingrid Delivery Tracking API

Tracking API returning the current tracking status of parcels that can be used for custom integrations.

Ingrid Delivery Tracking Notifications

Tracking Notifications are service that works on top of Ingrid Delivery Tracking. These offer different channels to proactively communicate with Customers about the updates and the progress of their delivery. These could be also used with external emailing services and customer data platforms. To enable Tracking Notifications and decide which channels and scenarios to use, please contact Ingrid Support Team.

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