Upgrading from previous version of Delivery Checkout API.

If you have already integrated with our old Delivery Checkout (known as SIW API as well), the new API can work as a drop-in replacement to a certain extent. Shipping selector embedded on your checkout page and all frontend-related integration parts remain the same.

Integration with Delivery Checkout API requires minor changes for handling the response bodies structure. The response payload resembles the payload from SIW API. Some new fields were introduced though and naming of top-level result field was changed to delivery_groups.

Benefits of upgrade

You should upgrade to new Delivery Checkout API in order to benefit from new features, such as address form, split shipments handling or marketplaces handling.

Upgrade checklist

The following checklist aims to simplify the process of upgrade to our new Delivery Checkout API.

Last updated: Mon, Jun 24, 06:15 AM