Address form

Address form is a unified solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of Ingrid platform. It is used for gathering the addresses and other customer information needed for proper parcel processing. Customer input validation takes the regional address formats into the account.

Ingrid address form mockup

Enabling the address form

Address form is disabled by default in the Delivery Checkout API configuration. You can enable the address form by requesting it from Ingrid Support here.

Address form support

Integration with Delivery Checkout API is needed in order to use the address form solution. If you are planning to upgrade from the SIW API, please see the upgrade checklist.

Layout and validation rules

We provide you with the option to customize the layout of the address form, akin to arranging a puzzle. You have the flexibility to select fields, adjust their width, and establish validation rules for precise and accurate data input.

Additionally, you can create presets for each country, allowing for distinct layouts and validation criteria. Should you need any assistance or wish to discuss customization, our Ingrid Support team is readily available to assist you.

We support form fields as follows:

Ingrid address form possible layout gif

Ingrid address form is following the regional trends. Set of field inputs and required fields are dependent based on the country of the customer. Inline addresses visualised in the address book are taking the regional trends into account as well.

In the picture below you can see the behaviour of the autocomplete solution that is shipped along the address form. Its output is based on the country of the customer too and aids the process of entering the address to a great extent.

Ingrid address form autocomplete mockup

Validating the inputs

All inputs of the address form are validated. This helps to decrease the number of parcels, which need the correction of the address in the warehouse.

Deliveries are our bread and butter at Ingrid. We observed that certain countries have a lot of regional trends in the way the addresses are provided by customers, such as ordering of address parts and using region-specific abbreviations. Using address form can reduce warehouse unexpected additional operational costs.

We understand that business needs can sometimes demand unique rules. That's why we offer customizable validation rules, allowing you the flexibility to configure them according to your preferences.


You can define which inputs are required to proceed with the checkout process. Additionally, you have the option to create input groups, specifying that only one (or more) of them is necessary. Once this condition is met, the remaining inputs in that group will be marked as optional.

For instance, consider the address form where the First Name, Last Name, and Email fields are grouped as required inputs, with only one of them needed to fulfill the condition.

Ingrid Address form required group of inputs gif


You have the flexibility to establish length validation for an individual input or a set of inputs. This allows you to define both minimum and maximum character limits for a combined group of inputs. Consequently, within that group, the total character count is restricted to the specified limits.

For example, the address form can be configured to ensure that the combined character count of First Name and Last Name inputs does not exceed 10 characters.

Ingrid address form lenght validation

Autocomplete validation

We continually strive to validate the information provided to minimize the risk of incorrect shipments. Therefore, our autocomplete solution incorporates a fallback scenario. In instances where only a street name is provided without a number, the input will be divided into two separate fields: Street and Street number.

The following scenario illustrates how our autocomplete feature will respond if you attempt to proceed with the checkout without providing a street number or without utilizing our autocomplete suggestions from the list.

Ingrid address form autocomplete gif

Upon clicking Continue, we will validate the address you provided. If we are unable to locate it or observe that an address line isn't filled properly , we will separate the Street and Number field and notify customer about the missing or wrong data.

Ingrid address form autocomplete split mockup

Billing address

The address form provides options to enable or disable various features that can contribute to achieving distinct delivery goals.

Certain situations may necessitate providing distinct address details for billing purposes. In our address form, you can easily enable the visibility and requirement of a billing address in your checkout process.

Billing address layout

In certain cases, the billing address may differ from the delivery address. We offer you the flexibility to configure the billing address separately, allowing you to determine its appearance and required information. As illustrated below, the billing address can significantly vary from the delivery address in the examples above.

Ingrid address form billing address layout mockup

Billing address validation rules

This also extends to billing address validation rules, allowing you to set them individually for both billing and delivery addresses.

Readonly fields when prefilled

We offer support for making input fields readonly when recipient data is sourced from an external system. In such cases, these frozen fields remain unchangeable during the initial visit.

Ingrid address form frozen prefill mockup

Address book

Customer addresses are persisted for future use in an address book. Address book takes the burden of providing and switching between address off the customer.

Complying to GDPR

We are complying to GDPR regulations when it comes to handling data. All data persisted in the Ingrid platform can be removed on customer's request. In order to remove customer data, please request it via contacting Ingrid Support here.

Hide address book

The Address Book is a valuable tool designed to conveniently store multiple addresses in one place for future use. However, we understand that there are instances when it may not be needed. That's why we offer you the option to disable the Address Book.

When this feature is disabled, new addresses will continue to be added in the background, ensuring that your Address Book remains up-to-date. So, even if you choose to temporarily hide it, when you decide to re-enable the Address Book, you'll find that it contains all the addresses you've added during that time. While the Address Book is disabled, users will have the ability to add and edit a single delivery address.

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